Location: Malaga

Author: José Seguí Pérez. ESTUDIO SEGUÍ
Mara Partida y Héctor Mendoza.

Date: 2017

Commission: First PrizeMalaga City Coincil, by international ideas contest

Surface: 9.188,47 m2






Malaga City Council convened an Ideas Competition to define the architecture and use that could be implemented in the block  of Astoria and Victoria Cinemas.

Our idea is supported by the setting suposes one facade of the Merced Square; by archaelogical remains that exist in its subsoil; by its definition as a culmen of the walk-salon Alcazabilla (where Roman Theater, Picasso and Malaga Museums are situated); and by the need to become an adequate use able of promoting and energizing the urban activity of this important sector of the city.

The propose tries to give some answer to all these demans, propounding a building that, respecting the configurqation of the Merced Square, “looks and looks” from its interior to the sourrounding landscape of the Alcazaba, whose “canvase” walls are referrenced in the “skin” of the proposal facade, and the necessary visual perspective to the walk-salon of Alcazabilla to which offers the other “header” that talks with Aduana.

Next to ESTUDIO SEGUI, Partida and Mendoza Architects collaborated in the architectural conception; the actor Antonio Banderas in the concretion of the socio-cultural use (with the creation of an important Center of Scenic Arts, with Theater, Classrooms and Visual Productions); and the Starlite Group with an attractive offer of restoration and leisure as a complement to the cultural activity of the center.

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